Klawer Wine Cellar Tasting

Klawer Wine Cellar Tasting
Klawer Wine Cellar, winner of numerous Veritas and National wine awards, proudly offers an outstanding selection of quality wines, which includes Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Pinotage, and Shiraz.

White Wine Pairing: R65 per person
Klawer Chenin Blanc 2023 - The fruitiness of the chocolate coated raspberry truffle enhances the guava undertones found in this tropical Chenin.
Klawer Sauvignon Blanc 2023 - The zesty taste of the orange fudge pairs well wi th the crisp green flavours of this wine, giving it a tropical punch.
Klawer Chardonnay 2022 -  Awakening your taste buds with a fresh and crisp wine filled with beautiful citrus flavors, calls for a buttery dessert. Thus, a mango & passion fruit nougat makes a perfect match.
Villa Esposto Sauvignon Blanc 2019 - This bold wine shows off with some tropical aromas and crisp green undertones, the lemon raspberry truffle creates the perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Red Wine Pairing: R65 per person
Klawer Merlot 2021 -  The ripe red fruity flavours of this medium-bodied wine, pairs well with the sweet turkish delight chocolate and softens the dry finish of the merlot.
Pinotage 2020 - The nuttiness of the pistachio compliments the pruiney aftertaste of the Pinotage.
Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 -  The sweetness of the salted caramel truffle creates a perfect balance with the spiciness of this medium-bodied red.
Klawer Shiraz/Malbec 2022 - The bitterness of the dark chocolate pairs perfectly with the summer fruit flavors found in this special blend.
Villa Esposto Pinotage 2021 -  Saving the best for last as they say. The slight bitterness of the coriander & mint truffle, pairs wonderfully with the sweet and Smokey undertones of the Pinotage.

Rosè Wine Pairing: R65 per person
Villa Esposto Dry Rosé 2023 - This soft & elegant dry Rosé pairs perfectly with the turkish delight as it tingles the palette, leaving a lingering sweet but subtle taste of peaches and nectarines.
Klawer Rosé 2023 - The creaminess of the vanilla raspberry truffle compliments the strawberry flavours of the Rosé.
Michelle Sparkling wine 2022 - Michelle boasts with aromas of candy floss and creates a cloud-like mouth feel when combined with the chocolate covered Rosé mallow.
Red Muscadel 2021 - A berry & cherry nougat to tone down the intense sweetness of this dessert wine.

Rooibos and Wine Pairing: R65 per person
Villa Esposto Sauvignon Blanc 2019 -  This green and earthy white varietal, elevates the sweet and creamy aromas of the rooibos infused fudge for and outstanding palette experience.
Villa Esposto Dry Rosé 2023 - The slightly sweet melba toast and locally made rooibos drizzle enhances the soft and elegant flavours of peaches and cream in the dry Rosé.
Klawer Pinotage 2020 - A well balanced wine with soft, ripe pruney fruit flavors pairs well with the subtle rooibos taste of the rooibos infused biscotti.
Klawer Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 - The umami taste of the cracker and cheese along with salty rooibos soya sauce, compliments the ripe berry flavours present in this wine.
African Vermouth 2021 -  This unique fortified wine has muscat tones and is infused with the indigenous rooibos plant and Buchu herb.

Kiddies Pairing: R25 per person
Klawer White Sparkling Juice 2022 - For a special treat oh so pink, put your candy floss in your drink!
Klawer Red Grape Juice 2022 - This grape juice is indeed, perfect when paired with something sweet Red/White Sparkling Grape Juice & Lollipop
Klawer White Grape Juice 2022 - This juice is made from grapes and suits candies of all shapes.

Kokerboom cheese & wine pairing R65
Villa Esposto Pinotage 2021 -  The sweet and smokey notes of the Pinotage creates perfect synergy with the nutty and slightly sweet undertones of the swift cheese.
Villa Esposto Cabernet/Merlot 2021 - The earthy and smokey flavors of the smoked kelp gull cheese enhances the ripe berry flavours present in Cabernet/Merlot blend.
Villa Esposto Straw Wine 2021 - The sweet honey and raisin flavors of the straw wine, creates contrast between the salty flavors of the blue crane cheese whilst complimenting its undertones.

Olive & Wine Pairing R65
Klawer Chardonnay 2023 - Hints of green grass and pepper in the olive oil pairs well with citrus and lemon flavours present in the chardonnay. This slightly oaked wine creates a pefect underlining to accommodate the oiliness of the olive oil.
Klawer Shiraz/Malbec 2022 - Rosemary/spices are present in the olives which reveals their robust and spicy flavours. Matching the berry and pepper flavours of the wine.
Klawer Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 - The salty, toasty biltong flavours of the olive caviar balances the high tannins of this full-bodied Cabernet.




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