Klawer Wines

Klawer is the gateway to the floral abundance of Namaqualand. From the Maskammountain in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west the Olifants River region’s mild winters & fresh unspoiled country air allow our winemakers to craft wines of singular quality and outstanding character. This range is value for money and represents the cultivars of our region.

Klawer Chenin Blanc 2021

Fresh, crispy wines with tropical aromas and a complex aftertaste. Enjoy well-chilled with fish, chicken or Malay curries. Will add zest to vegetarian dishes like stuffed marrows and aubergine bakes.
Alc: 13.1  RS: 2.0  pH: 3.80  TA: 5.5  VA: 0.41  SO2: 125  FSO2: 28

Klawer Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Ripe tropical flavours with grassy undertones excite the senses and carries through on the palate. Enjoy well-chilled with fish, white meats and pasta.
Alc: 12.6  RS: 3.7  pH: 3.31  TA: 6.8  VA: 0.46  SO2: 95  FSO2: 39

Klawer Chardonnay 2021

Crisp lemon and citrus flavours, with a soft and well-balanced middle palate. Slightly oak undertones compliment the long subtle finish. Versatile and most enjoyable with fish, poultry and pasta. Serve chilled.

Alc: 13.70  RS: 2.4  pH: 3.53  TA: 6.3  VA: 0.48  SO2: 110  FSO2: 45

Klawer Merlot 2020

Well-balanced in body and some ripe fruit, touches of warm spice, mint and dusty earth. Serve at room temperature, with a thick rump steak and mushroom sauce.

Alc: 13.47  RS: 2.8  pH: 3.53  TA: 5.9  VA: 0.54  SO2: 123  FSO2: 19

Klawer Pinotage 2020

Well-balanced with soft, ripe pruney fruit. Delicate fruit tannins follow on the palate with subtle oak tones. Most enjoyable with a variety of meat dishes. Serve at room temperature.

Alc: 13.69  RS: 3.1  pH: 3.61  TA: 5.6  VA: 0.56  SO2: 121  FSO2: 27

Klawer Shiraz 2020

Intense, well-balanced wine with ripe plums & black berries filling the palate/ Well integrated tannins on a long finish.
Alc: 13.41  RS: 5.3  pH: 3.52  TA: 5.7  VA: 0.49  SO2: 149  FSO2: 17

Klawer Shiraz Malbec 2020

A medium bodied wine with mixed spice flavours and soft silky tannins. Enjoy with barbeques.

Alc: 14.22  RS: 2.5  pH: 3.48  TA: 5.6  VA: 0.48  SO2: 69  FSO2: 35

Klawer Cabernet Sauvignon 2020

Ripe berry flavours with well a well-balanced spicy palate. A smooth oak aroma adds to its complexity. Enjoy at room temperature with lamb and roast beef.

Alc: 13.54  RS: 4.0  pH: 3.47  TA: 5.8  VA: 0.56  SO2: 77  FSO2: 37

Klawer Cellars Michelle Sparkling Wine 2021

Fresh, strawberry flavours with a pink hue which makes this perfect for ladies.
Alc: 10.40  RS: 52.44  pH: 3.59  TA: 5.51  VA: 0.57  SO2: 170  FSO2: 11

Klawer Hanepoot 2018

Rich and satisfying taste with a long lingering aftertaste of honey and lemon. A great comparison in winter times. Best enjoyed on it’s own.

Alc: 15.69  RS: 197.6  pH: 3.66  TA: 3.6  VA: 0.15  SO2: 115  FSO2: 20

Klawer White Muscadel 2018

A straw colour dessert wine with an aftertaste of raisins and honey. Serve well chilled at all times and pair with dark chocolate mousse.

Alc: 15.68  RS: 235.8  pH: 3.13  TA: 5.6  VA: 0.19  SO2: 106  FSO2: 14

Klawer Red Muscadel 2019

A full-sweet wine dessert wine with a pink hue and muscat aroma. Serve well chilled at all times and pair with strawberry ice cream.

Alc: 16.70  RS: 228.8  pH: 3.66  TA: 5.1  VA: 0.13  SO2: 112  FSO2: 32

Klawer Rosé 2021

Fresh strawberry flavours with a pink hue which makes this drink perfect for ladies. Serve well-chilled.

Alc: 11.51  RS: 31.1  pH: 3.19  TA: 5.1  VA: 0.36  SO2: 110  FSO2: 37

Klawer Cape Vintage 2019

Hints of cherry and cinnamon with plenty of smokey black fruit on the palate. Chocolate is sensational with this wine, as are dried fruits and nuts.

Alc: 16.99  RS: 115.3  pH: 3.75  TA: 4.7  VA: 0.56  SO2: 110  FSO2: 18

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