Roelof van Schalkwyk - Red Winemaker

Roelof van Schalkwyk - Red Winemaker
After testing the waters in different industries, uncertain of what he wanted to do after high school, Roelof found himself at Klawer Wine Cellars, (near his home town, Vredendal) working as a cellar assistant during the 1999 harvest.

This is where he discovered a love for the art of crafting wines. His enthusiastic efforts and hard work were recognized, and soon he was promoted to assistant winemaker.

Roelof found the experience at a Californian cellar Rosenblum Winery in 2001, of great value and very educational. Back home, he continued broadening his skills by learning from his piers, studying, Winemaking Management at the USB (University of Stellenbosch Business School) and doing other short courses. He was promoted to Red Winemaker not long there after. He now concentrates on making the best wine possible from the grapes that Mother Nature gives each year and he strives to build and maintain good client relationships. 

Tel: +27 27 216 1530     Fax: +27 27 216 1561     Email:
Birdfield Farm, N7 P.O. Box 8 , Klawer, 8145, South Africa
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