Klawer - a harvest update and a new kiddies pairing

Klawer - a harvest update and a new kiddies pairing
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Here we are again! Hello, 2020 Harvest season

Another harvesting season is upon us, and although it feels like yesterday that we released the 2019 vintage wines, we're ready to take 2020 by the horns!

We received our first grapes on the 8th of January. Renier Rossouw was the first farmer to stop here with a full load Chenin Blanc.

The “Blou Makou” did the honors with a full load, breaking the ice for the new harvest season.

The analysis on this load of "Steen" was very very good, or actually, perfect!
pH 3.23
TA 7.88
Balling 22.3

Analysis like this gives us hope for the 2020 wines & now we're even more excited to get the fresh new wines on the market for all the wine-lovers!

It' still early days, & the farmers need to check the analysis of each of their cultivars very closely, to ensure that they harvest their blocks at the correct time. From now and forwards, we'll take in the maximum capacity, being about 1200 tons per day. Stay in touch with the latest harvest updates, by following us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Make us famous
Theodore Jantjies
, or "Xander" as some of us know him from the famous Afrikaans soap opera, 7de Laan, posing with our wine, during his wedding in Limpopo. We're honored to have been part of their special day. They enjoyed our Chenin Blanc, Pinotage & Michelle sparkling wine.

Lisa met die Rooi Hare - A very funny & entertaining blogger, drinking our wine while filming her insights & recaps of the reality show on KykNet, Boer Soek 'n Vrou. Ever since we sent her the first box of wine, she fell in love with our sparkling wine, Michelle.

We had the brainwave of adding a "kiddies" pairing to our list of pairing options. Now, the little ones don't feel left out, and they enjoy themselves just as much! Each kiddies pairing is a combination of 3 different grape juices, paired with delicious toffee, a lollipop, and smartie mallow.

For the grownups, we have 4 pairings to choose from:
White wine pairing
Red wine pairing
Rosé pairing
Rooibos product & wine pairing

Each pairing is designed to complement our wines, to give you the ultimate taste explosion.

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