Droogtehulp met Burre Burger: Safari

Droogtehulp met Burre Burger: Safari
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As we all know, South-Africa is experiencing the worst drought in 113 years, and the Cape province has been struggling to farm their lands & keeping the animals healthy and in good shape.

The dam levels of the Western Cape dropped and left our people with no hope and courage to carry on.

This is when a small town guy, Burre Burger decided to do something, to help the people and to bring back hope! This started when his life took a turn and left him with the urge to help farmers in need. It all started local, lending a helping hand until the word of mouth took over and this generous gesture became an enormous project helping all over South-Africa.

Thanks to this project many farmers received fodder for their animals. Burre and his team did a safari where people as far as Natal came to join. They distributed food to farmers in need and helped Burre to share hope.

In their free time, they visited local restaurants and wine farms in our area, and I must say, their energy is contagious. These people came from all over to help others and wanting nothing in return.

Klawer Cellars just want to thank Burre and his team and everybody who made a donation to this project. Thank you that you took the time to stop by our cellar and enjoying our wine. All the best for the journey as it continuous.

If you want to make a donation to this project please visit the following website: http://droogtehulp.co.za/af/

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