Klawer Wine Cellar 2018 Harvest

Klawer Wine Cellar 2018 Harvest
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During this harvesting season, our area underwent a heavy drought. Along with extreme temperatures, water restrictions were put in place.

Our local farmers had to cut the amount of water they would usually use in the vineyards during this season by 75%. These drastic water limitations made the whole harvest something to be grateful for. It is no surprise that the number of grapes harvested was a lot less than previous years. Luckily, thanks to innovative methods and a commitment to technology, we managed to pull through and still get the best results possible.

We are very excited about our red cultivars and think it will be a great success this year. The Malbec, Pinotage and Shiraz of this season will be an absolute hit! Trawal did an excellent job by working together with us in creating this year’s perfect Chenin Blanc. Kapel and Karoovlakte also did an astonishing job delivering great Colombard grapes, helping us create a wonderful white wine. Our older vineyards did not disappoint and produced an excellent Pinotage and Chenin Blanc.

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