Klawer Wine Cellars: Old Vine Chenin Blanc from Olifantsriver Valley

Klawer Wine Cellars: Old Vine Chenin Blanc from Olifantsriver Valley
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A while ago our viticulturist, Johannes Mellet, discovered some old vine Chenin in our beautiful Olifantsriver valley. Old vines are definitely the ‘new best thing’, therefore we are so excited to produce some good quality wine with this dryland vineyard.

This Chenin was planted in 1976, which makes it a good 42 years old. Koos Nieuwoudt, the owner of the farm, luckily prepared the land years back, which allows the vineyard to buffer itself from drought, although there’s still a limitation of the strength for the growth.

Johannes says that he’s expecting something great. “The vines are even, which is rare for such old blocks. I’m expecting a fuller wine, more complex, rich aromas such as pineapple, peach and citrus. If we look at this block and nurture it to the best of our ability, it will be able to produce for many more years.”

Advantages of these old blocks are simply the unique characteristics you get from the wine, which you wouldn’t  get from the younger blocks. Old vines are precious and we have to treat them like our babies.

However, with the good, there’s always the bad. In this case with the older blocks, it’s not possible to produce big volumes compared to younger vines. The capacity might be less, but usually, the quality makes up for that.

We are looking forward to rearing the vines, and making award-winning wine!

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